Bridal shawls

Our bridal shawls (just as our bridal veils) are made by way of antique and complex specialized machinery; machines that use the “chainette stitch” which must be worked only by those artisans with a proven ability and experience. The artisan guides the machinery with his/her hands through  the chosen design. These machines are over a century old, and the artisan must invest his/her full senses in the working of it. Any small distraction could mean the destruction of the garment.

These machines were already being used over a century ago for this very same type of work;  bridal shawls, cloaks, small toques, etc. This very same work can be found in antique stores; we affirm that our work is what could be called “modern-antique garments”. They’re not completely handmade as is the case with the majority of companies. The difference is that these companies insist that their garments are handmade and sell them as such, when in fact they’re not. We do not use false promotion as a tool. Transparency and work ethics is our code of behaviour.

Our designs are unique and personalized, and we take great pleasure and invest a great amount of effort in having a continous flow of models in development on an almost premanent basis. This way we can update our designs season after season. On the whole, bridal shawls are larger than they would normally be. They also need extra special care in their making and in the use and care given to them.

We can make your shawl however you like;  form, measure, size, color, quality and the prime materials you choose. Almost all the models  and selections of bridal veils can be used to make its corresponding version in bridal shawls.  Generally speaking, a larger amount of embroidery is used. One thing you must never lose sight of; our bridal shawls are 100% made in Spain and the process is a complete work of craftsmanship.

We do not re-sell products developed or designed  by other parties; our entire collection is of our own vintage. Neither do we apply nor inlay any lace acquired comercially  because we embroider your shawl directly upon a piece of tulle to the exact measure desired; adapting the tulle to the design chosen by you.

The process is practically the same as that used for our bridal veils, except for a few details during the production process.

If you have any doubts or wish to consult with us, do not hesítate in contacting us. As always, it will be our pleasure to be of assistance.

The best bridal shawls.